An Update on the Updater
Posted on September 21st, 2017 at 10:02AM

Many of you have submitted tickets lately mentioning issues with the update process. Recently, our update server has not been working as well as it should. We’re taking steps to resolve these issues. In the interest of transparency, I’d like to go over what we’re doing to resolve this.

Before we get into how we’re addressing the problem, it would make sense to explain the current update process and how it works.

When you click on a lobby on our site, your browser will open our updater. This updater connects to the update server application (hosted on our game server) and determines what, if any, updates your computer needs. If it determines you need an update, it will transmit the necessary files to your computer. If you don’t need an update, it will launch the lobby for you.

If the update server crashes, we have an application that is triggered and the update server is restarted automatically. However, recently, the update server hasn’t been crashing. It simply doesn’t respond, which prevents the application from automatically restarting it. We’ve spent many hours trying to troubleshoot the update server, adding numerous logs and lines of debug code, but the issue is still not fixed.

This week, we decided to move forward with a plan to deprecate the existing updater and rework our update process. We will be releasing an update to the updater that is installed on your computer. This update will change the updater to connect directly to our website and download the necessary updates for you. We will be removing the need for the update server, the component which is most prone to failure.

Immediately, we have deployed a script to restart the updater on a regular interval. We’re hoping this temporarily alleviates some of the issues you have been experiencing, especially waiting for someone to manually restart it.

In the coming days, the new version of the updater will be available. Once it is available, we will post a new update. The installer on the site will be updated as well, so you can download a fresh copy.

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you have had recently and thank you for your patience while we get this figured out.

If you have any questions, please reach out to support.
Lead of Technical Support

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